Top 10 Summertime Boredom Busters for Kids

Fresh ideas to keep the kiddies entertained all summer long.


The kids get out of school this week and I’m in total denial about the whole thing. Seriously, I’m still thinking “what happened to April”?  I’ve mentioned before, our family homeschools but we take a break in the summer.


It doesn’t take long for the kiddies to walk up to Mom and declare they’re bored. As if the woman standing in front of a sink full of dirty dishes holds the secret to having a good time. 


But turns out – she does!


Here are 10 clever, inexpensive ideas that will keep kids of all ages happily entertained for hours.


Nothing says, “I love you” like slime The easiest recipe for homemade slime and it costs only pennies! Just two ingredients will amuse the kiddies for hours. Non-toxic and safe for toddlers. Nothing says “I love you” like slime!



Make Five-minute Baggie Ice Cream! Can zip top baggies, ice and milk make the BEST ice cream? Get the kiddies and find out! 


Make a Bird Feeder from a Toilet Paper Roll! Easy, fun bird feeder craft made from an empty toilet paper roll, peanut butter and bird seed. Great summertime boredom buster.



Make Puffy Slime! Only three ingredients and five minutes to make hours of fun! Easy and cheap, too!



HYDRO LAUNCH Water Rocket by Discovery Toys



Make 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies This three ingredient cookie is perfect for cooking with kids. Delicious, easy and totally cheap! Plus, it’s gluten free and takes less than 30 minutes from start to warm, melt in your mouth finish.



Finger Paints and Potato Stamps Finger paints and potato stamps make great ooey gooey fun. It’s time to unleash your inner artist! Here’s a fun, fast and frugal project to amuse the kiddies and make memories … and a mess. All kids know if it’s not messy it’s not fun.



Can you send Happiness through the mail? Yes, you can! Just imagine opening your mail box and nestled among the bills you find a brightly colored, fun surprise package. For the cost of postage and a box of candy you can totally make someone’s day!



How to Plan a Practically Perfect Picnic Use these picnic pointers to plan a practically perfect picnic. Be the hostess who thought of everything!



Bubble Thing BIG BUBBLES Wand and Mix – MAKES 2.7 GALLONS! – Biggest Bubbles, Costs Least!



Make a Salt Dough Hand Print Dish Mother’s Day or any day craft that’s easy, inexpensive and a treasure all year long.



Make Ribbon Book Marks as a Fun Craft Need a really special (but really cheap) gift idea? Turn your mismatched jewelry, buttons and ribbon scraps into beautiful bookmarks. Such an easy, fast and fun craft.






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