Ten Thoughtful Ideas for Mother’s Day that won’t Break the Bank

Top 10 ideas to use creativity instead of cash to give Mom the best Mother’s Day ever!

It’s almost Mother’s Day, are you ready?


Here are lots of ideas to make mom’s day even more special.


Make something with your own hands.

You don’t have to be a little kid for this to be special. Honest.  Make a card by hand. Craft anything, crochet, knit, sew or glue something. Make a wreath, a potpourri sachet, paper flowers, a key ring or anything! Does Mom like chocolate? Then make these easy Chocolate Truffles just for her. Would Mom like a cocktail time treat? Make Limoncello!


Go out to lunch instead of dinner. 

According to the National Restaurant Association; Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants so be prepared to wait for a table during dinner service. Many restaurants offer nearly the same menu for lunch as dinner but the prices are lower. Some restaurants offer “Moms Eat Free” on Mother’s Day making it possible to go to a restaurant that’s usually out of your price range. Use these tips to save even more when you dine out – 15 Things Restaurant Owners Don’t Want You To Know


Because of the long wait times, you may ask if she’d rather have a special meal prepared for her at home and go out another day. If you don’t know what to make, this website is filled with inexpensive but very special recipes. A few that stand out – When in doubt, Roast chicken,  Easy Salmon Soufflé


Make a scrapbook or photo album.

This doesn’t have to be expensive. Most dollar stores have a craft section with small photo albums and you can print photos right on your home printer. If you don’t have a printer Walgreens, CVS and Walmart are a few places you can have photos printed inexpensively.


Bake a cake.

It only costs about $3.00 to make a cake from a mix at home. You can decorate it as a one of a kind work of art! Better yet let the kiddies decorate it. An easy but very special cake recipe is this King Cake. It’s made with canned crescent rolls and it’s always a hit. You just change the icing colors from Mardi Gras colors to Mom’s favorite colors and be a holiday hero. If you really want to go all out; make Baked Alaska 

Meringue, ice cream and cake come together to make this elegant and classic dessert. And it’s easier than you think.


Frame children’s artwork.

Just a simple inexpensive frame makes a child’s drawing extra special.


Top 10 ideas to use creativity instead of cash to give Mom the best Mother’s Day ever!



Ask for a Honey Do list (and do it).

This is a sure fire winner of a gift. Ask Mom what she’d like to have done around the house and make arrangements to get it done. I’m not suggesting you spend Mother’s Day cleaning the garage! Put it on the calendar and get ‘er done.


Better than flowers.

Flowers are gone in a week. Buy a perennial plant instead and be sure it gets planted in the garden by someone other than mom. No garden? Get a flowering house plant in a pretty pot. A windowsill pot filled with herbs is always appreciated. 


Wash mom’s car.

Inside and out, really detail it. She’ll appreciate getting into a clean car and feel the love every day. While you’re at it why not fill the tank?


Hand print card 

This is especially good for families with small children. Each year have the kids put their hand print on a card for mom and grandma. You can brush their hands with paint and press them on the card or use a pen to make an outline of those little hands. Save the cards to watch how those little hands grow.


Top 10 ideas to use creativity instead of cash to give Mom the best Mother’s Day ever!



Serve breakfast in bed.

Few things are more luxurious than being treated to breakfast in bed. You’ll need a sturdy tray that won’t tip over and large enough to hold a plate and a cup and saucer and a few other goodies. Make Mom’s favorite breakfast with fresh brewed coffee or tea. To be really decadent serve a mimosa, that’s orange juice and champagne served in a stemmed glass. Here’s a great make ahead recipe – Peaches and Cream Breakfast Casserole. Another easy but really special recipe to make is Chocolate Mousse Filled Popovers. But please remember, even cold cereal is special when served thoughtfully. Don’t forget breakfast isn’t over until the dishes are done and the bed is crumb free.


Top 10 ideas to use creativity instead of cash to give Mom the best Mother’s Day ever!


I hope you’ve found some inspiration to make this Mother’s Day extra special. A special note for all the Moms reading this – your family can’t read your mind. You need to let them know what your expectations are and how you’d like to spend Mother’s Day. Communication is the key to a day that will leave everyone happy. 


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Divas On A Dime.



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