Ribbon Bookmarks – An inexpensive and thoughtful handmade gift

Need a really special (but really cheap) gift idea? Turn your mismatched jewelry, buttons and ribbon scraps into beautiful bookmarks. Such an easy, fast and fun craft.


Are you looking for a personal, thoughtful gift? Most every crafty person I know has a secret stash of bits and pieces of ribbon and fabric, old costume jewelry, buttons, baubles bangles and beads.

Some are remnants from projects and some are pieces with sentimental attachments.


I remember my Mom used to save buttons from our coats and other special clothing when we were kids. I loved going through her “button box” because it was like going on a trip down memory lane.


Need a really special (but really cheap) gift idea? Turn your mismatched jewelry, buttons and ribbon scraps into beautiful bookmarks. Such an easy, fast and fun craft.


You can transform all sorts of these items and give them new life by making them into beautiful bookmarks.


Take the time to get creative when choosing your dangles. When you’re making your gift, be sure to select material for the bookmark that will have meaning to the person receiving your gift.


I know a gal who used extra fabric and trim from her wedding dress to make bookmarks for her bridesmaids. Brilliant idea.


Is it a gift for a favorite teacher? Use school related charms or beads in the school colors.


Put beads and ribbon on paper clips for a co-worker.


If you’re giving a book as a gift; make a bookmark in the theme of the book.


This is also a great craft for kids or as a family project.



What You’ll Need:


  • You will need a selection of lengths and widths of ribbon
  • An assortment of beads, buttons, costume jewelry pieces, bells, dangles charms etc.
  • Craft pins or safety pins – optional
  • A needle and thread or embroidery floss
  • Glue gun & glue sticks



Here’s How:


Cut the bottom of the ribbon at an angle and cut the top straight across.


Check to see if your ribbon has a definite front and back. Be aware of this when folding the ribbon over or attaching your charms.


Fold the top of the ribbon over and attach to the back of the long piece by stitching or using the glue gun. You will have a small “pocket” at the top of the ribbon above the glue line which will be strong and sturdy enough to attach your charm, button or specialty item.


You can attach these buttons or charms to this pocket by sewing, threading beads with thinner ribbons, use strings or embroidery floss to loop charms through or use craft pins or glue to attach other dangling items.


Once the glue is dry and charms are attached, your bookmark is ready to be used. Simply slip it into a book with the charms at the top so the bookmark will be secure and not slip through the pages. This personalized gift will be a thoughtful reminder of your friendship each time they are used.



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