20 Under $20 Holiday Gift Guide

You’ll find something for everyone on your list!

Great gifts don’t have to cost a fortune! Take the stress out of holiday shopping with these creative gifts you can order online and have delivered right to your door.



Great gift ideas for everyone on your list for under $20! Gifts for men, women, and kids.

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If You Can Read This – Bring Me Wine, Coffee, Beer, Cocktail – $9.99 Let your stockings do the talking as your feet send out an SOS for more coffee, wine, beer or chocolate. 


Chunky Knitted Oversized Scarf Wrap Shawl Multi Use with Buttons – $14.99 You have got to see this to believe how versatile it is! This chunky oversized scarf is knitted from soft acrylic yarns with buttons to wear it as cardigan, poncho, cape or vest! It’s the must have scarf for cold weather. Trendy enough for teens, elegant enough for women. One size fits all so you can’t go wrong.


Rfid Blocking Sleeves Front Pocket Wallet – $11.98 Ultra-thin wallet protects all cards with chips against unauthorized RFID NFC and BLE scans as reported in the media. Has room for 3 cards plus a space for his driver’s license and a zippered center for cash and coins. Comes in several colors, too. You can leave the tin foil wallet at home with the hat.


Hanging Toiletries Organizer with Metal Hook – $14.99 Who needs a hanging travel toiletries organizer? Literally everyone! This one is very durable with lots of compartments making it easy to find what you need. It has a handle for carrying when it’s not in your suitcase and even a belt loop so you can loop it to your belt to keep your hands free. Not just for toiletries while you travel, this handy tote is handy for anything you have to schlep around. 


ThermoPro Digital Cooking Thermometer – $19.99 Every home should have a digital cooking thermometer and this one is the best! No more guessing if the roast is done. Works with the grill, oven, smoker or stovetop. It has preset temperatures for specific foods recommended by USDA but can also be set manually. 


French Press Coffee Maker – $19.49 Coffee lover? Coffee snob? Got you covered! Coffee from a French press is leaps and bounds above normal drip coffee. It brings out the richness and oils in a way you can’t get from simply running hot water over the beans. Even if you’re more a fan of tea, you can brew loose leaf tea to extract every last bit of goodness into your teacup. This particular French press is extra-large for true coffeeholics and super easy to clean. 


Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle – $15.49 Does your list include a healthful person, or perhaps someone you wish were a healthful person? They will love this 24-oz. reusable water infusion bottle to create healthy and less expensive alternatives to soda, juice, and sports drinks. Make fruit infused water, juice, iced tea, lemonade or sparkling beverages in your choice of colors. Made of shatterproof BPA free plastic, you’ll also receive a BONUS digital guide with tasty infusing tips & recipes!


Beanie Hat with Bluetooth Music Stereo Headphone, Headset Speaker Hands-free Wireless Mic $18.00 You’ll look great (assuming you look cute in a beanie) or at least warm while listening to your favorite music or talking on the phone while doing variety of other activities. 


Easy One Touch Car Mount Phone Holder – $14.95 Stop your loved ones groping for their phone while they’re driving. Give them this car mount universal phone holder for phones up 3.2 inches in width. It locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger. Attaches to the car dash or window with a sticky gel pad and sticks securely to most surfaces, yet is still easily removable. 


“The Quest for the Holy Grail” Black Knight Plush Toy – $15.00 Any Monty Python fans on your list? If not, you need better friends. From Monty Python’s “The Quest for the Holy Grail”, they’ll love this 14-inch Black Knight Plush. He features amusing details from the very special universe of Monty Python, including Velcro-assisted  dismemberment and re-memberment. “It’s just a flesh wound”.


LED Clip Reading Light – $15.99 Light up their lives! Or at least their reading material with this USB-rechargeable, adjustable book light. The battery lasts 12 hours and its LED lights will last practically forever. Gives off a soft, directional light that’s easy on the eyes and won’t disturb anyone around you.



You can purchase these books from Amazon — use the code HOLIDAYBOOK at checkout to save $10 off a $25+ book purchase! This code is valid for a limited time.

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts – $15.21 A great book for anyone with an ounce of humor. Written by book designer and stand-up comic Doogie Horner “Everything Explained through Flowcharts” is your one-stop decision-making handbook, packed with meticulous diagrams that will illuminate life’s greatest mysteries and cause eye fatigue.


Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat – $12.49 Get them off their phones and happily into the kitchen with this book. Good for pre-teens to college students. This book teaches an essential life skill that will serve your recipient for the rest of their life. With 75 easy to follow recipes this book inspires young people to to take interest in their diets, and empowers them to try a new and tasty hobby.


Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up – $19.99 This is a book people think they’re buying for some kid but end up keeping it for themselves. Therefore, I recommend it as a great family gift. Full of fascinating facts and good humor, this breathtaking book includes fascinating information about popular dinosaurs as well as many lesser-known varieties. With each of six spreads featuring one spectacular large pop-up as well as booklets of smaller pop-ups and text, this book is a magnificent display of paper engineering and creativity that will be treasured forever.


The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man – $11.55 Here’s a must have book for every family, not just for men. Step-by-step instructions on almost everything a person needs to know, including information that ranges from survival skills to social skills to advice on how to improve your character. Whether you are braving the wilds with your friends, courting your girlfriend or raising a family, you’ll find practical information and inspiration for every area of life.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf – $14.19 A great party game, easy to learn and each game takes only 10 minutes! Perfect for 3 to 10 players with short attention spans. The age range on the box says 8 and up but this is such a hit at grown-up parties. I don’t want you to think it’s only a children’s game. It’s a fun deception and deduction game that’s often described as addicting. Just one more round . . .


Games and Learning

Pie Face Game – $14.88 The whole family will scream with laughter with this hilarious Pie Face game. Filled with fun and suspense, players load the arm with whipped cream (not included) or the included sponge, then take turns sliding their heads through the mask and spinning the spinner until someone gets a face full of whipped cream! For good natured people of all ages who don’t wear mascara.


Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set $12.99 A simple, but fun, building toy for kids ages five and up, although I think as soon as your kiddies stop putting everything in their mouths (I’m hoping by age three) they’d find these colorful discs a great sensory activity. These sturdy interlocking ‘flakes’ slot together easily, letting kids build dexterity and think in 3D. Each set contains 500 pieces! 


4M Crystal Growing Experiment $18.96 A fun science experiment that has you growing up to 7 gorgeous colored crystals in the space of a few days. Just make sure to follow the directions! It’s a great science experience for the whole family but it’s also cool for grown-ups to take to work to distract themselves and their co-workers with pretty, happy science.


4M Volcano Making Kit $9.97 The volcano kit comes with a hollow mold, and the plaster and paint necessary to make an awesome volcano ready erupt. The finished volcano is reusable. You just keep bringing the vinegar and baking soda!


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