11 Cool Uses for Pillowcases

What else can you do with pillowcases? Here are 11 great ideas to make life easier.


Pillowcases are available at yard sales, thrift stores and clearance racks for next to nothing. Chances are you have some you never use sitting in your linen closet right now! Let’s get them out and put them to work!


Here are 11 ideas to get you started


Garment Cover – Use a pillowcase to make a protective cover for special garments. Just cut a small hole in the top and slip the case over the hanger and the garment. The air can circulate but it protects from dust and light.


Travel Laundry Bag – Bring a pillowcase to use as a laundry bag next time you travel. It folds flat and you can use it to separate your dirties from your cleanies. When you get home toss the clothes in the wash along with the pillowcase so it’s ready for the next trip.


Beach Bag – Use a colorful pillow case to make a no fuss – no muss beach bag. Make a simple drawstring at the top and use it to tote all your beach accessories; sand toys, sunscreen, magazines, towels etc…


Clean Ceiling Fans – This is one of my favorites. Have you ever turned on your fan and been showered with dust bunnies? I hate that! But when you dust the ceiling fan you end out spreading dusties over the floor and furniture. Not anymore. Get a step ladder, open the pillowcase and place it over the whole blade, slide the case off, along with the dust. Repeat with the remaining blades. When you’re done go outside and shake the pillowcase inside out, then toss it in the wash. Diva Done!


Wash Teddy – Put stuffed toys in a pillow case secured with a rubber band or string or make a closure and put them in the washing machine on gentle. The case protects them but they still get a good wash. And it keeps any bits that fall off contained for easy repair so you don’t have to make an eye patch for poor Teddy.


What else can you do with pillowcases? Here are 11 great ideas to make life easier.


Machine Wash Delicate Items – Use the case to protect lingerie, tights and delicate sweaters in the washing machine. Use gentle cycle.


Baby’s Changing Table – Don’t buy changing pad covers! Place pillow cases over the changing pad. Not only is this soft and comfortable for baby but they’re so easy to wash. Just whip off the dirty one and replace with a clean one. Too easy for words!


It’s a Wrap! – Use pillow cases to wrap odd shaped gifts. Ever try to wrap a lamp? Just cover and secure with a beautiful ribbon.


Pet Beds – Use a pillow case to make a washable cover for your pet’s bed.


What else can you do with pillowcases? Here are 11 great ideas to make life easier.


Green Shopping Bags! – Do you know how many groceries a pillowcase will hold? Neither do I! Just be sure any straps you put on are sturdy enough to hold some weight!


Next time you see a pillow case I hope you see endless possibilities. What do you use pillow cases for?


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